Karuah – is an Australian science-based range of optimal health products, created by Vic Cherikoff. Vic Cherikoff is regarded as an authority on Australian native foods. 

Pearl Powders – is skincare you can drink. Pearl products are premium Norwegian wild caught collagen, fresh-water sustainable pearl extract & organic Australian superfoods. Pearl formulas are bio-available and bio-active. These are potent formulations that protect your cells from accelerated ageing by promoting collagen production, skin elasticity & clarity.

Qenda – is Australian for gut health and offer a range of premium functional foods. The Qenda range includes daily herbal fibre blends and single herbs. Qenda Ultimate Fibre is a balance of nutrient dense herbs rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, iron and adaptogenic herbs. Qenda Everyday Fibre Premium daily fibre rich in iron and adaptogenic herbs.

nuut – offer complete plant-based powders formulated with a certified organic superfood blend that is fortified with vitamins and minerals for delicious chocolate nutrition on-the-go. Three formulas to choose from depending on your favourite protocol – Keto, Paleo and Daily Balance. nuut formulas are great for weight management / improved digestion / increased energy levels / radiant skin / gut health.

LIFE – 65,000 Years in the making, LIFE is a rich source of best of the best, wild foods. In fact, more than 60% of the LIFE blend is wild foods with the remainder as near wild or selected for their extreme nutritional contribution. Scientific Studies now prove that Australian wild foods are rich sources of phytonutrients which are essential for our ideal health, weight and longevity. LIFE is a rich source of wild foods.

Zinzino – provide best-in-class, cutting edge and tailor-made products within the new science of pharmaconutrition, which uses active nutrients from food to fight the imbalance in our modern lifestyle. We also offer Zinzino subscriptions to our customers, offering all-natural Omega-3 supplementation at incredible value.

Highbration Organics – offer a range of Medicinal mushrooms that have endless healing benefits including building immune function. Highbration Organics medicinal mushroom, tonic herbs and ceremonial cacao blends are an exquisite way to enjoy all these benefits.

Essential Nutrition Sage -provides a fast, natural lift to cognitive performance for all those seeking a non-caffeinated natural boost. The active ingredient, Sibelius™: Sage, is a novel type of sage extract with clinically proven benefits on cognitive performance. It derives from a proprietary, non-GMO cultivar of sage grown in the UK.