Fibre Cleanse Protocol

Cleansing With Fibre For A Healthy Bowel

Fibre is essential for maintaining a healthy balance within the gut. It is recommended that we consume at least 30g of dietary fibre per day. A healthy diet consists of a good balance of soluble and insoluble fibre.

Soluble fibre attracts water and turns to a gel during digestion. Some types of soluble fibre may lower the risk of heart disease and lower cholesterol. Insoluble fibre adds bulk to the stool and helps food pass through the stomach and intestines and assists bowel transit times.

Every day we are exposed to thousands of toxins through the water we drink, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the personal and cleaning products we use. A healthy person, with regular bowel movements, is efficient at eliminating these toxins from their system. A large percentage of the population, however, do not experience healthy bowel regularity.

If you eat two to three good meals per day then ideally you should have two to three good bowel movements per day. Most people are unaware of this – for each input there ideally should be a corresponding output. If you are only having one bowel movement or less per day then you do not effectively eliminate your waste.

A stagnant or sluggish bowel can lead to a build-up of faeces and mucoid plaque, which is an ideal environment for parasites to thrive. A slow bowel can also lead to overgrowths of pathogenic bacteria, moulds and funguses. All of this can contribute to leaky gut, diverticulitis and auto immune conditions.

The above reasons highlight why it is so important for everybody to undertake a fibre cleanse on a regular basis. People regularly service their car and take care of the outside of their bodies but forget to “service” their insides. Undertaking a regular fibre cleanse is not an option – it is essential.

There are many products on the market today for fibre cleansing. When selecting your product of choice, make sure that is pure, organic and gluten free. Your best choices are comprehensive formulas which contain a good variety of herbs which are anti-parasitic, adaptogenic, provide liver and kidney support and contain ingredients that bind and detoxify heavy metals.

Following are some recommendations when undertaking a fibre cleanse:

Fibre Cleanse Protocol

The recommended serving for a Fibre Cleanse is 20 grams (or two level tablespoons) once or twice a day with 350- 400ml of water on an empty stomach, a minimum of 10-30 minutes before food or two hours after food. You may start with 10 grams (or one tablespoon) on the first day to introduce your body to the cleanse.

Add about 350 – 400ml of water in a shaker bottle (recommended with a stainless steel wireball) or similar, then add the powder on top and shake vigorously for 5 – 10 seconds and drink down immediately. If the mixture is left, it will thicken and be more difficult to drink. If this happens, simply add more water, shake and drink. It is suggested that you DO NOT mix the powder and water in a glass with a spoon as it will not blend effectively.

DAY 1                Take 10 grams (or one tablespoon) 10-30 minutes prior to breakfast.

Day 2-7             Take 20 grams (or two level tablespoons) 10-30 minutes prior to breakfast for the next 6 days.

Week 2              Take 20 grams (or two level tablespoons) 10-30 minutes prior to breakfast AND 20 grams (or two level tablespoons) 10-30 minutes prior to dinner for a period of 3 – 6 weeks until satisfied that full detoxification has been achieved.

Ongoing            Once major detoxification has been completed and a level of homeostasis has returned, as indicated by regular bowel movements of around two to three times a day, it is recommended to continue using 20 grams (or two level tablespoons) of the powder once per day, in the morning, for another two to three months. After this time, it is recommended to reduce intake to every second day or even every third day whilst increasing fibre to your diet, generally through food intake or through transitioning to a high fibre product that can be consumed on a daily basis.

CHILDREN & BELOW 40kgs – Halve adult serve.

Importance of Using the Correct Amount

When consuming a fibre cleansing product that contains many ingredients it is important to consume enough of the product to receive the required amount of fibre and supporting ingredients. For adults, a serving size of 20 grams (or two level tablespoons) is optimum. Reducing the serving size to 10 grams (or one level tablespoon) or less can cause mild detoxification symptoms.

Whilst following the protocol, it is also important to progress up to consuming 20 grams (or two level tablespoons) twice per day, for at least three to six weeks to receive the best results and in order to assist your body in the detoxification process.


When a person undergoes a detoxification process, it is common for them to experience some symptoms similar to what is known as the Herxheimer Reaction. Some mild detoxification symptoms may be experienced when using a Fibre Cleanse. Some people can experience some mild bloating, cramping and wind, which usually subsides after a bowel movement has taken place. This generally improves as you move further through the protocol.

Support On Your Fibre Cleanse Journey

To give your body the best support whilst undergoing a Fibre Cleanse it is ideal to:

  • Eat high quality, organic, local, chemical-free, GMO-free foods.
  • Eliminate grains, sugars and alcohol.
  • Reduce meat consumption (portion size and frequency).
  • Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of clean water daily. Always consume pure spring water or at least a high-quality filtered water (from filters where you can wash the filters at least once a month) for good health.
  • Consider taking additional supplements that may support the liver, assist detoxification and inflammation (e.g. St Mary’s Thistle, Turmeric, Rosehips).
  • Consume probiotics, digestive enzymes and fermented foods. It will be highly beneficial for you to add probiotics, digestive enzymes and fermented foods to your diet to assist in repopulating friendly bacteria, reduce inflammation and promote positive genetic expression. If you choose to consume probiotics, digestive enzymes and fermented foods, it is recommended to not start taking these until at least four weeks after commencing a Fibre Cleanse. This will allow for the probiotics and digestive enzymes to establish in a cleaner environment. However, try to avoid consuming Kombucha during the protocol due to its higher sugar content.

Other Points to Note

  • Always listen to your body and follow a protocol that works for you. However, remember sometimes “pushing through” a little, if detoxification symptoms persist, can get the desired results.
  • Don’t worry if you miss a serve here or there, or don’t feel like one some evenings/days, just as long as you finish the job. However, best results will be achieved by maintaining regular daily cleansing.
  • If you have difficulty consuming the full 350-400ml of liquid in one go before the product thickens, simply halve the water and the amount of the product and consume in two serves. However, try to take these serves as close together as you can.
  • Eating 10-30 minutes after consuming the fibre cleanse drink is a guide – it does not mean that you are required to have something to eat within this timeframe – you could leave eating for a couple of hours after consuming the drink. The reason for leaving this time frame is to allow time for the ingredients to work effectively, especially with any parasites that you may have. It is most beneficial to consume a Fibre drink on an empty stomach.

Contraindications: bowel obstruction, pregnancy, early stages of breastfeeding, if on immunosuppressant medication, if hyperthyroidism. If on warfarin, you must consult your practitioner as your dose may need altering. If you are under the care of a medical or health practitioner for any condition, it is recommended you discuss this product first before undertaking a cleanse.

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