If you’re seeking to be inspired and supported with products that truly make a difference to your health, you’ve arrived.

My name is Katie Pinnick and I am the founder of Sage Wellbeing Co. I started peri-menopause at age 43 and by age 49 I was at the end of a challenging journey. When I’m not sprouting seeds or researching health topics I’m passionate about, I’m busy evolving Sage Wellbeing Co. I have created a platform created to share what I learnt along the way and provide you with the health and wellbeing products I wish I had at the start of my menopause journey! 

Through the curation of products that respect your health goals and bio-individuality, my unique approach will:

  • Result in no more need for an arvo nap – you will have sustained energy!
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Create vitality and positivity
  • Support healthy ageing
  • Prepare you for and support your menopause journey
  • Create and support a diverse and robust gut microbiome
  • Build a strong immune system; and
  • Encourage healthy detoxification

I want you to thrive on your menopause journey. 

I believe in food-based nutritional support, not synthetic supplementation.

I am fascinated by the scientifically proven medicinal and healing properties of plants, which has led me to pursue studies in nourishing wholefoods and train as a Whole and Natural Foods Chef. I also had a rewarding year qualifying as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (New York). Further studies at Endeavour College compounded my desire to share my passion with you through a curation of wellbeing products designed to enhance and extend your health journey.