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Box includes 5 Face Masks.

Your weekly go to product for dry, tired and/or dehydrated skin.

Using Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Technology, these biodegradable sheet face masks offer your skin a hydrating and energising boost, leaving it feeling perfectly hydrated and replenished.

Powered by an array of skin-benefiting ingredients, the nutracoll Face Mask aims to replenish and improve the tone, texture and suppleness of your skin. With the aid of the hero ingredient, Australian Kakadu Plum, known for its deeply nourishing properties and high counts of Vitamin C, your skin can rely on this wonder ingredient to visibly improve any signs of fatigue, dryness and fine lines whilst simultaneously working efficiently below the skin’s surface to promote collagen formation. Added Pomegranate, in this ultra luxurious sheet mask further creates bountiful amounts of Vitamin C to your weekly masking time-out. The use of French Collagen, as a supreme ingredient for restoring skin its natural bounce and the use of Pitaya or Dragon Fruit, another source of Vitamin C for your skin, responsible for fighting off free radicals, offers your skin a natural radiance from the outside in.

This is a balancing mask pack ideal for all skin types, in the convenience of disposable sheeting masks. This will help promote healthy skin renewal and rest your skin, as you need.

A sheet mask you will want to bathe in.

Formulated intentionally without:




.168 kg


16.5 × 2.5 × 12.5 cm

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