Product Information

Ingredients: Cold pressed Moroccan argan oil*, baobab oil*, moringa oil*, black cumin seed oil*, hempseed oil*, avocado oil* and 100% pure plant essential oils of frankincense (boswellia sacra), & Bulgarian Rose Damask & Moroccan Rose plus natural vitamin E.

100% Natural / * Certified Organic

This one is an extremely light oil with amazing moisturising abilities and a soft scent of the Omani limy/lemony boswellia sacra Hojari Frankincense. The Frankincense & Rose Body Oil is one of our clients’ favourites. It contains a ton of valuable nutrients and the vibration is one of caring and loving oneself just that little bit more 🙂 It is truly a magical oil not only for the skin but also for the soul.cense & rose body oil

Apply to the body when and as needed and is also the perfect relax and de-stress massage oil for any occasion.



.220 kg


6 × 3 × 13 cm