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  • Soluble formula with better taste and texture than normal fish oils
  • Helps adjust the body’s Omega-6:3 Balance to a normal ratio
  • Supports normal brain function1
  • Supports normal heart function2
  • Supports a normal immune system3
  • Increases polyphenol levels in the body to protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress6
  • Supports normal eye function7, normal calcium blood levels10, normal bones11, muscle function12, normal teeth13
  • Supports normal blood triglyceride levels8, normal blood pressure9 and cell division14
  • Simply shake the bottle, then pour, stir, drink and enjoy the fresh lemon taste!

Traditional fish oils have a taste and smell that many folk simply do not like. When AquaX is blended with water however, the Aquacelle emulsifier makes the fish oil flavor and texture disappear. Perfect for children or if you struggle with the taste of fish oil.

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.306 kg


6.5 × 6.5 × 14.5 cm

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