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  • Helps adjust the body’s Omega-6:3 Balance to a normal ratio
  • Supports normal brain function1
  • Supports normal heart function2
  • Supports a normal immune system3
  • Increases polyphenol levels in the body to protect the blood lipids from oxidative stress6
  • Supports normal eye function7, normal calcium blood levels10, normal bones11, muscle function12, normal teeth13
  • Supports normal blood triglyceride levels8, normal blood pressure9 and cell division14

The oil derived from the marine microalgae Schizochytrium is rich in the omega-3 fatty acids EPA + DHA. This is the first vegetarian EPA + DHA product available that provides a bio-alternative to traditional fish oils. Produced in an FDA-inspected and rigorously controlled facility, it is a highly concentrated and consistent product. The algae oil also contains small amounts of high oleic sunflower oil, rosemary extract for flavoring, ascorbyl palmitate (derived from GMO-free corn) and tocopherols (extracted from GMO-free plant oils), to ensure stability.

The cold-pressed echium seed oil is treated in a low-temperature cleansing process where it is refined, bleached, deodorized and winterized. Echium seed oil contains an ideal fatty acid profile, this in contrast with most vegetarian oils which contain excessive Omega-6’s. Echium seed oil contains the rare Omega-3 fatty acid SDA, which is converted five times better to EPA in the body than the typical plant Omega-3 ALA, i.e. in flaxseed. Echium seed oil also contains the valuable Omega-6 fatty acid GLA, beneficial for balancing hormones and skin health.

BalanceOil contains a special cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil specially selected for its high content of polyphenols (above 350 mg/ kilo)5. Polyphenols are strong antioxidants with numerous beneficial effects. They protect BalanceOil in the bottle and, equally importantly, in your body.

Our exclusive vegan vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) comes from a special, organically grown, plant source called lichen. It can accumulate large levels of useful nutrients, including vitamin D3. The vitamin D3 is extracted and then some coconut oil is added to it. The vitamin D3 is Vegan certified and of course GMO-free.

Our certified laboratories have analyzed more than 380.000 tests (November 2019) making it the world’s largest database. The average Omega-6:3 balance for people not taking an Omega-3 supplement was 12:1 for Europe, and 23:1 for the USA. After taking BalanceOil or BalanceShake for 120 days, the average balance is below 5:1 and in many cases below 3:1.

Zinzino approves only suppliers of raw materials and producers of ready products that operate according to the rules laid down in our quality assurance system. To be approved our suppliers must document that they have a good Quality Assurance System and ensure that the service they provide are following classifications such as GMP and ISO-certifications. Our factory Faun Pharma is ISO 9001 certified and all our products are GMO-free (i.e. free of genetically modified organisms)

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