“I’ve had a horrible experience with my gut health and constipation since I was about 13 years old. Qenda Ultimate Fibre changed my life. It is the only thing that keeps me regular. It is freakin amazing.”

Elyse, Hamilton, QLD

“Qenda Ultimate Fibre – it’s the best product I’ve ever used for my body. I’m feeling refreshed and light”

Brittney, Campbellfield, Vic

“It’s a brilliant product. It’s a fantastic product. I’ve never had a better health product to be honest.’

Claire, Clifton Hill, VIC

“This product has been such a blessing. I purchased this the first time expecting what the reviews told me, yet I have experienced so much more. My asthma has been a problem for the past three years – using different inhalers consistently. After three days of consuming Qenda Ultimate Fibre morning and evening I was not waking up at night having to run to get my inhaler. This to me has been such a blessing. My asthma has cleared up. I am also less bloated. I no longer crave foods. I feel balanced and in control. I am happy with simple meals. Wild berry is my favourite. I found the chocolate to be quite stimulating if I would have it in the evening. I have now purchased 7 in total and I will continue. Also thank you to Sage Wellbeing for the easeful communication and quick response to my messages. You have to try this to find out for yourself. It is wonderful!”

Danielle, Karunda, Qld

All my life I have had hormonal skin issues on my nose – this product cleared that up. It made me more regular and I have less bloating. I went off it for a month recently and I noticed a difference, I felt heavy. That’s why I’m ordering again.”

Robyn Blunden, Kanwal, NSW

“After reviewing a number of products to address weight and gut issues, I decided to try Qenda Ultimate Fibre because it was a herbal remedy that addresses leaky gut issues and assists in realigning gut health to reset bowel movements and more. I hoped the Qenda system would work as I had stopped smoking about eight months earlier putting on extra weight (7 kg) in the pprocess. Since embarking on the Qenda System two months ago, I have lost 10 Kg and feel better than I have felt in many years.

I also do not take any medications or prescription drugs and was impressed with the use of a multitude of organic herbal products contained in the formulation. What is noticeable is the effect Qenda has on bowel movements which even occur when you don’t eat. A huge clean out to say the least.

Prior to taking Qenda, I was a somewhat compulsive eater and yet I can now pick and choose when I eat and sometimes even miss a meal without a problem. This is a complete turnaround in my life. Suffice to say that the Qenda process has completely rearranged my life in the most positive way. Qenda surpassed all my expectations and I have absolutely no qualms in recommending the Qenda Ultimate Fibre formulation as a revolutionary life-changing experience.

I have already organised friends and family to undertake this positive experience and recommend this product to any and all interested parties.”

Andrew Campbell, QLD

“I have been using Qenda Ultimate Fibre for just over a month now and have noticed a huge shift in my energy levels, which is just what I need being a working Mum of two. My bloating has stopped completely, I feel lighter and more regular. I couldn’t recommend this product enough. I can’t go a day without it.”

Bridgette, Scarborough WA

“Since taking Qenda Ultimate Fibre my overall health has improved. I now have my daughter and husband taking it. My daughter was suffering from a bloated tummy and it has settle that.”

Rhonda Edwards, Mermaid Beach, QLD

“This is a life changer. It does taste disgusting, but a few seconds of discomfort is worth a lifetime of comfort going regularly!! The Wildberry is my favourite flavour as it masks the nastiness somewhat. If you use really cold water to mix up it doesn’t go gluggy as quickly. Get on this if you have any trouble detoxing – it’s the best product I have ever found after years of trying and hundreds of dollars wasted!”

Cathy, Avalon Beach

“I wish I had discovered these product earlier – they have completely changed my life and my health for the better. With Katie’s kind support I took this for just over three months – my goodness what a game changer. I then moved on to the wild foods Katie sells and I now have more energy than I’ve ever had and I just want to scream from the roof tops!!!!! I didn’t know what functional foods were – now I will never go a day without them. Get Ultimate Fibre, Get the LIFE wild foods bag – you will never look back.”

Jocelyn, St Kilda, Victoria

“I have been taking Qenda Ultimate Fibre for 8 weeks and can’t believe the difference in my overall wellbeing. I have stacks more energy (now up at 4am and bed at 9pm). My focus and productivity have improved. Also, I am finding less bloating and now have regular and consistent elimination. Whilst it took a while to get used to the taste I am so glad I persevered. Now I even look forward to my morning dose! Huge thanks to Katie at Sage Wellbeing Co for bringing this product to my attention. I am a true convert.”

Sarah Connelly, Brisbane Qld

“After years of having poor digestion to the point of eating a salad caused me pain, Qenda has reduced my bloating and dramatically improved my digestion.”

Liz Hearne, Manly NSW

“I have suffered from IBS constipation for years now and recently started taking Qenda Ultimate Fibre on the advice of a friend. For me, consuming a product daily that only uses certified organic ingredients from nature was really important. I am now “regular”, I feel lighter (which is not surprising), my nails are stronger and my hair has thickened. Can’t recommend Qenda more highly.”

Kath, Singapore

“Having been exhausted for years and tired of being told it’s just because I am a Mum with two young kids, I decided to give Qenda Ultimate Fibre a go. It’s literally changed my life! I now run three times a week, my focus is great, my skin is glowing, my psoriasis is completely gone, my eyes are clear and I am not drifting off to sleep with kids at 7.30pm…PURE GOLD! This product resets your entire body.”

Caroline Walsh, Avalon Beach NSW

“I’ve been on Qenda for 8 weeks on the recommendation of Katie. Bloating was an issue for me and a little bit of constipation and cramps – it’s definitely been part of my world for a very long time…I love that it is a completely natural product…and everything around it is all about integrity and efficacy…it has been amazing…it is a little bit like reading a book that is life changing, I felt the same with Qenda it was literally paradigm shifting…my body is absorbing so differently, but the first thing I noticed was a complete shift in my physical energy…the other thing I felt was a clarity in my thoughts…the taste is pretty challenging so that for me is also part of the commitment to taking it…Can’t recommend the product highly enough, WORTH EVERY CENT and the way I feel is absolutely amazing…so thank you Nick and Katie and Sage”.

Mike Britton, Avalon Beach NSW

“I’m one month in on my Qenda Ultimate Fibre journey. I’m more “regular” and I definitely have more energy. Excited for the months ahead. Thanks Sage Wellbeing Co.”

Nina, Avalon Beach NSW

“I tried Qenda Ultimate Fibre on a recommendation as I was looking for a product to increase my sluggish digestive system, energy levels and clarity of thought.  I have now been taking Qenda for 4 months and love the positive difference it has made to my life.  I highly recommend Qenda Ultimate Fibre and of course Katie’s extensive knowledge and experience is always at hand. “

Dominique, Avalon Beach, NSW

“I have been using it since January and it has been doing wonders for me. I used to be bloated and my digestion was very slow. I have been feeling much more energetic since I started and the amount of worms that came out of me is something I could not fathom. I am telling all my friends about it and I have a few that has already started  taking it. I strong recommend trying.”

Cristal Ocean Shores, NSW

“My partner was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2019 and we instantly got every army in 2 fight it.

Our first line of attack was a 4 day day fast with Qenda for breakfast water all day & then Qenda for dinner at 430pm.
The results were powerful.
We saunaed twice a day totally whole food plant based more supplements vitamin infusions & got as much advice as possible.
Initially not wanting surgery, after loads of research opted 2 have cancerous lump removed but under no circumstances were we will to have radiation or chemo.
Surgeon had never before seen anyone recover so remarkably.
He called me the beetroot gal and said we were inspiring.

We truly believe the Qenda played a vital role in Als healing journey.
We still Qenda regularly and previously have sourced our Qenda locally but stumbled across this Website and found the service & price brilliant.”

Janine, Winthrop WA

“This product has changed my life. It really works!! I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for life changing results.
I feel lighter, healthier and more regular. Thank you Qenda and Katie”

Linda, Avalon Beach NSW

Once you get past the taste of this product – which is pretty crazy – like a whole lot of crazy herbs – you will be SOLD. There is nothing as powerful on the market.. You will get a good clean out and I mean a serious clean out and then your energy levels will sky rocket. I have tried all the flavours – this would be my pick.

Amanda Macquarie

Qenda Ultimate Fibre 3 pack

PLEASE NOTE: Please consult your physician or health care practitioner before trying Qenda if you have medical conditions or are on medication. Not suitable during pregnancy or early stages of breastfeeding.