Superfeast is Australia’s leading supplier of Di Dao tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms.

Based in northern NSW Superfeast was founded in 2011 by renowned health educator and tonic herb expert Mason Taylor.

Medicinal mushrooms are lauded for their capacity to bring the human body back into a state of equilibrium – or ‘homeostasis’ – and strengthen immune and hormonal functions.

Superfeast tonic herbs are grown in their natural wild environments and harvested as per the Di Tao, a practice deeply rooted in tradition and respect for the herb and the land on which it grows.

Using the best processing and extraction methods, the products are housed in Miron biophotonic glass which filters light to best protect and preserve the medicinal properties of the herbs.

By incorporating these adaptogenic medicinal mushrooms & tonic herbs into your daily health rituals you are on your way to a path of extreme health & longevity.