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Hello and thank you for your interest in optimal health and longevity.

Sage Wellbeing Co is a highly curated on-line store of results driven natural supplements.

Sage arose as a result of my passion for natural health, for optimal health and longevity. At Sage Wellbeing Co you’ll find only the highest quality supplements in the world. After exhaustive research I personally choose the cleanest and most readily available supplements in the market. I like to connect with the founders of these brands to understand their origins. I also test the products to ensure that they are of the highest standard and efficacy. I choose products for my customers that actually work to bring you positive health outcomes.

Over a decade ago I trained as a Whole and Natural Foods Chef and I haven’t stopped studying since. I am a trained Health Coach and I studied at Endeavour College. I am currently studying Nutrition Coaching through the Food Matters Institute. Modern nutrition is a fledgling science and I like to keep abreast with the latest nutrition research. In saying that I base my natural health decisions around a combination of ancestral wisdom, honest and transparent science and intuition. I am extremely passionate about optimal health and longevity.

Like many people I have a history of cancer in my family and that is a route I am determined not to go down. I also went through early menopause and had years of feeling dreadful. I have worked very hard at treating my body like a temple and I can honestly say I feel wonderful. I now have deeply restorative sleep and boundless energy during the day. And as a bonus that has had a really positive effect on my mental health. I have a healthy wholefood first philosophy because I know that supplementation is not going to dig you out of a terrible diet and lifestyle. But what natural and wholefood supplements offer is nutrients in potent and concentrated doses. They have the ability to bring your body into a state where it can thrive.

It is generally recognised that our bodies require some 42 plus essential nutrients for optimal health. 18 minerals, 13 vitamins, 9 essential amino acids, 2 essential fatty acids. The term essential means that we need to consume them as our body cannot make them. It is now widely accepted that the majority of people in the industrialised, western world are not consuming enough nutrition for optimal health and in many cases barely enough for adequate health. Modern agricultural systems (including soil degradation), reduced plant cultivars, lack of education, a society structured around the sickness industry, and busy lifestyles are just some of the contributing factors there. Disease states are nutrient deficiency symptoms. These are degenerative in nature. This is why a preventative approach to health is so important.  

The micronutrients that I get particularly excited about are phytonutrients. They are the naturally occurring chemical constituents in plants that have the ability to fight disease, support healthy ageing and support your health on a cellular level. Phytonutrients are where the magic begins in healing and longevity.

My three happy places are the beach, the national park and the kitchen which is where I spend the bulk of my spare time. I look forward to sharing my optimal health journey with you and in turn supporting your optimal health journey.

In health

Katie Pinnick

Founder | Sage Wellbeing