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Sage’s Featured Brands

We partner with brands that have the most accomplished teams of scientists, nutritionists and health enthusiasts who share a vision: to revolutionise the world of natural health products.

Nourished Blends

Lynsey Koch is a Clinical Nutritionist with a love of nutrition. She has made it her passion to educate and inspire her clients to find a love for nourishing themselves holistically. Her deep understanding of the power of food as medicine brings you this scientific formula which is the answer to your gut woes. A healthy microbiome awaits you!

Peg Paste

Enhance your oral health with a revolutionary, natural toothpaste formulation, expertly crafted in a recyclable pump bottle.Australia's most premium, natural toothpaste. Enriched with hydroxyapatite and prebiotics. Child-friendly. Vegan-friendly.

Avalon Health Club

Mac and Cassie have created Morning Greens to help busy people like you get more nutrients and energy in the morning - and keep it going throughout the day.

Our story began with a need to fill nutritional gaps and provide our bodies with everything vital for optimal health. Cymbiotika are known as the world's best supplements.

Health Addicts

Nurture and nourish mind and body with Health Addicts by Tommy Azimi. Health Addicts premium plant-based supplements support benefits such as boosting immunity, gut healing and better digestion. Wholefood nutrition re-defined to get you feeling wildly alive!

My idea was to create nutritional products that were different, that were clean, that worked and provided people with great nutrition. By Naturopath Scott Collins .

Vidafy derives its name from the word “vida”, which means life, and “fy”, which means to convert. Vidafy combines the best of tradition, science, and nature to bring you benefits you’ll rarely find together in other products.

Immortal Health by John Kashro is a health & wellness community that provides the purest black seed oil in Australia. Our mission is to facilitate health and wellness solutions to society, aiming to promote our philosophy of “Live the best version of you.”

Our Organic collagen is free from preservatives, nasty chemicals and heavy metals. Absolutely no additives or anything artificial. The highest quality collagen.

Zinzino are the pioneers of test-based, personalized nutrition from Scandinavia.

Enhance your natural wow. Inside and out.

Power your body from within

Internal Healing Australia

Internal Healing strongly believe health starts in the gut. Currently, 50% of Australians experience gut health problems, while1 in 5 people are affected by constipation. Although for some it is usually a temporary issue, others experience this as an ongoing problem.

Karuah Australia

Karuah is an Australian science-based range of optimal health products, created by Vic Cherikoff. Vic Cherikoff is regarded as an authority on Australian native foods.


L.I.F.E. is a rich source of best of the best, wild foods. Scientific Studies now prove that Australian wild foods are rich sources of phytonutrients which are essential for our ideal health, weight and longevity.

Trusted globally for consistently providing pure, nutrient rich organic herbs and wholefoods, Qenda's premium ingredients are the key reason they have so many happy customers around the world.

Our ingredients are a sustainable and natural source of pure fresh, wild and raw nutrients that boost your health and consciousness.

Sage & Pete’s Organics

Sage Wellbeing is proud to partner with Pete from Pete’s Organics to bring you this range of 100% natural, non-toxic and edible beauty products. Hundreds of jars sold!

Naked Jerkey's 100% Organic Beef is raised and finished only on the rich grasslands and pastures of Australia. From start to finish, their farming practices are carefully monitored to deliver a product packed with vital nutrients – our healthier meat means you and your family are healthier!


Bioptimizer have been optimizing health of their customers since 2004. Their Magnesium Breakthrough has a cult following and tens of thousands of happy customers.


SAYBO founder Damian Donoghue's health journey began 22 years ago, when he was suffering with chronic fatigue, had no energy and was struggling to get through each day. Damion is now one of the healthiest people you will meet and a true wellness warrior.

Cell Squared

"We select only the highest quality ingredients for our range, with each product undergoing vigorous scrutiny. Each Cell Squared product is 100% natural, with many products being Australian Certified Organic and undergoing independent testing. Our promise is that you will never find any fillers, GMO's, flow agents, preservatives, colourings, or artificial additives in our products."