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Tommy’s Organic Complete Protein with Super Greens is a delicious and nourishing blend of naturally fermented and sprouted, organic brown rice and pea protein combined with nutrient-rich natural and organic super greens, full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Our super food and organic plant-based protein powder is made with the highest quality raw ingredients.

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The Super Greens blend – taken straight from the land and sea boasting nutrients rich in essential vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, phyto-nutrients and antioxidants. The Pea and Rice Combo – Certified organic pea and certified organic brown rice is soaked, sprouted and activated to maintain its purity. Our unique blend of five pure and potent super foods have many health benefits, delivering a rich source of nutrients.

We pride our products on being completely natural and free from anything artificial, so you can enjoy this everyday with peace of mind that you’re looking after your body, the only place you have to live.


  • ORGANIC SPIRULINA – grown naturally in ocean, sea and salty lakes. Spirulina is a potent source of nutrients. Rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, including B complex vitamins, beta-carotene, Vitamin E, manganese, zinc, copper, iron and selenium.
  • ORGANIC CHLORELLA – high in protein, nutrients, fibre bio-active compounds and chlorophyll.  Potent source of B-12, also containing B-1, B-2, folic acid and vitamins C and K.
  • ORGANIC BARLEY GRASS – Australian grown (on the banks of Murray River in Northern Victoria), packed with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, chlorophyll and polyphenol antioxidants, 
  • ORGANIC WHEATGRASS – Australian grown (on the banks of Murray River in Northern Victoria)
  • ORGANIC MARINE PLANT MINERALS – naturally rich in calcium, magnesium, and 72 other trace minerals. This unique mineral matrix delivers excellent bio-availability of other essential minerals such as magnesium, zinc, cobalt, selenium and many others.
  • A Quick and Convenient, Healthy Meal Replacement
Certified Organic Sprouted Fermented Pea Protein, Certified Organic Sprouted Brown Rice Protein, Organic Natural Super Green Blend 9.4% (Spirulina, Chlorella, Barleygrass, Wheatgrass and Marine Plant Minerals), Natural Vanilla *, Certified Organic Stevia (* Denotes non-organic ingredient) CAUTION – Chlorella can have a powerful detoxification and cleansing effect in the bowel, so if pregnant, breastfeeding, anticipate surgery, take medications, or are under medical supervision always consult your Health Practitioner before taking. Product is allergen FREE, however is manufactured in a facility that produces products containing gluten Proudly Formulated, Blended and Packed in Australia from Local and Imported Ingredients
How to Store: Keep well sealed and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight How to Enjoy: The quickest and most convenient way to enjoy – Using the included scoop, add two scoops of Tommy’s Organic Complete Protein with Super Greens into 375ml of water, coconut water, or plant-based milk and shake until well combined… Perfect with Tommy’s Shaker Cup The tastiest and nutritious way to enjoy healthy smoothies – Using the included scoop, add two scoops of Tommy’s Organic Complete Protein with Super Greens into 375ml of water or plant-based milk, add fruits, nut or seed butters, spices, and boosters in a blender and blitz till well combined… Perfect to pour in Tommy’s Shaker Cup for breakfast or if you are ‘on the go’ – Check out our delicious Smoothie recipes. When to Consume: We recommend consuming Tommy’s Organic Complete Protein with Super Greens in the morning, post-workout/after exercise for muscle recovery, or anytime you want to boost your daily protein and greens intake. Recommended Daily Consumption – 1-2 servings daily