Peg Paste | Natural Toothpaste With Hydroxyapatite | Intense Mint | 190g

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Natural Mint Toothpaste

Premium, natural toothpaste enriched with hydroxyapatite and prebiotics to strengthen enamel, naturally whiten teeth, and balance the oral microbiome. No fluoride, sulphates, toxins, parabens or animal testing.

Pleasant flavour, creamy texture, no gritty residue. Eco-friendly, 100% recyclable packaging. Vegan and child-friendly.

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Product Information:

Peg Paste, an advanced toothpaste proudly formulated in Australia, embodies a holistic approach to oral health that resonates with the entire body. Anchored by the potent synergy of Hydroxyapatite and prebiotics, Peg Paste is expertly crafted to ensure optimal oral wellbeing. Hydroxyapatite serves as a cornerstone, actively remineralising teeth and strengthening enamel, while simultaneously mitigating the risk of cavities. The intrinsic benefits extend to surface refinement of the tooth, resulting in a smoother texture that naturally imparts a radiant brightness and whiter shade.

The integration of prebiotics feeds good oral bacteria (probiotics) , nurturing a balanced ecosystem that not only bolsters immune defences within the mouth but also aligns with overall gut health. Peg Paste is dedicated to fostering happier and healthier communities by crafting products that actively promote the harmonious connection between oral and overall wellbeing. Through its innovative approach, Peg Paste champions a brand ethos that resonates with supporting both oral health and the broader vitality of the body.

Founder, Kagan Williams, embarked on a mission to address pressing challenges. Driven by a deep commitment to consumer health and wellbeing, she envisioned a toxin-free product that not only elevated oral care but also contributed to overall vitality. Simultaneously, she recognised the urgency of the landfill waste issue plaguing our environment. With unwavering determination, she ingeniously designed Peg Paste in a recyclable pump vessel that combined practicality with sustainability. Every facet of this product, from formulation to packaging, reflects her unwavering dedication to enhancing lives and mitigating the landfill waste crisis, demonstrating a profound harmony between personal wellbeing and environmental stewardship.

Ingredient Spotlight - Phenoxyethanol 

"Phenoxyethanol is an important ingredient, serving as a preservative to safeguard products from harmful contaminants including mould and bacteria. Backed by decades of research and safety assessments, its efficacy in preventing spoilage extends shelf life and maintains product integrity, ensuring safety, freshness and quality for consumers. It is especially important in products containing natural ingredients that are going into people’s mouths.

We have explored formulating with other types of preservatives, but nothing is as effective as this ingredient.

For extra peace of mind, the concentration of the product also needs to be taken into consideration.

Due to this product being completely safe for consumers, Australia currently has no limit on concentration % of phenoxyethanol. The European Commission is the strictest governing body of cosmetic regulations in the world, and limit concentration to 1% across the entire EU market. PEG PASTE contains 0.5% - an extremely low concentration.

Linked here is a summary of a study conducted in 2019 to review the safety of phenoxyethanol.

 The full study linked here."


Read about Peg Paste in Melbourne Broadsheet HERE

Key Ingredients Calcium Carbonate Aqua Glycerin Xylitol Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate Acacia Senegal Gum Xanthan Gum Hydroxyapatite Chichorium Intybus (Chicory Root) Phenoxyethanol Organic Mentha Piperita (Peppermint Oil) Mentha Viridis (Spearmint) Leaf Oil Menthol