Immortal Health Australia

John Kashro has always been a passionate advocate of health and wellness.

In 2022 he created his own brand Immortal Health Australia and set up a community of passionate health and wellness warriors. The goal of this community is to help you “live the best version of you” through their support and services.

The Values:

At Immortal Health, they believe in adopting a positive mindset and focusing on solutions. They understand that taking care of our mental health is just as important as taking care of our physical health. They value significant lifestyle changes and incorporating nutrient-dense foods. They believe that everything in life is a matter of perspective, and no matter how tough a situation may seem, a positive outlook can make a world of difference.

Why John Began Immortal Health Australia:

John created Immortal Health Australia because he knew how challenging it can be to find relief from the diseases and illnesses that affect our lives and those of our loved ones. For years since childhood, he struggled with gut issues that caused chronic migraines and stomach pains up to three times a week. After conquering his issues, he decided to connect with holistic practitioners, and to bring out great solutions to help serve his community.

The Vision:

The vision of Immortal Health Australia is to provide a solution-focused mindset to overcome any obstacle and live a life of vitality and wellbeing. They aim to help people build the very best version of themselves by embracing joy and positivity and approaching life’s challenges with a solution-focused mindset. They believe that we have the power to shape our reality, and with the right mindset, we can overcome any obstacle and live a life of vitality and well-being.

John was very interested in the health benefits of consuming a particular superfood – black cumin seed (nigella sativa) and it’s oil. So, he undertook extensive research and located the very best in the world.

Immortal Health Australia Black Cumin Seed Oil is:

  1. Unfiltered (Purest Form)
  2. Wild-Harvested
  3. Beyond Organic
  4. Virgin Cold Pressed
  5. Vegan
  6. 100% Natural
  7. Made with 100% Pure Black Cumin Seeds
  8. Free from GMO, Pesticides, Fumigation and Agricultural sprays
  9. Poured into a UV amber glass bottle

Immortal Health Australia Black Seed Oil is different to the rest as it is pure and unfiltered. This oil is one time virgin cold pressed and 100% natural. You won’t find a more potent Black Seed Oil on the market. Made from 100% pure black cumin seeds. This is an antioxidant powerhouse. This truly is one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet offering profound health and healing properties.

From Immortal Health Australia

Naturally Sourced 

Our black seeds (nigella sativa seeds) (aka black cumin seeds) are sourced and handpicked from South-East Asia and grown on alluvial soil where the Gangotri Glacier feeds and fertilisers it during the monsoon season, retaining it's 100% natural GMO free status. We pride ourselves on our non-commercialised hand-pick seeds that are grown on nutrient dense soil.

Consciously Farmed 

Our local farmers grow the Nigella Sativa plant, where they handpick the seeds from the bloomed plant. The seeds are then cold pressed once at perfect temperatures ranging 40 - 45 degrees Fahrenheit ensuring the seeds are not burned and activate all the potent nutrients in the oil.

Maximum Benefits 

By only cold pressing the seeds at the source once, we retain the precious sediments making it an unfiltered black seed oil and ensuring optimal potency. Our black seed oil is laboratory tested here in Australia, containing high levels of thymoquinone (TQ) ranging from 1.9% - 2% (w/w) of volatile oil per ml!

To activate the maximum benefits from our black seed oil, shake the bottle for the the sediments to turn the oi black

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