Cell Squared - A Company With Integrity & Transparency

"True optimal health begins at the cellular level™, and just like a cell, every small action we take multiplies to create larger positive change."

"We meticulously research each product, seeking out only the best sources that we would use ourselves, with an emphasis on testing, traceability, and premium quality."

Cell Squared are a Melbourne-born brand on a mission to reconnect the community with traditional ways of eating and being. Founders Wade and Lauren are passionate about providing their customers with the tools to achieve clarity in mind, body and spirit.

"Cell Squared was founded in 2019 from a desire to overcome our own health challenges & optimise our quality of life."

Avid travellers, Wade and Lauren were drawn to exploring exotic ancient sites and expanding their fascination with the ancestral way of living. They often seek out places of solitude where they are able to connect with nature and explore their spiritual being. Through their travels they developed an interest in traditional healing modalities & ancient cultures' means of living and began exploring how they could make this ancestral wisdom accessible in modern life. A common theme they found was a profound connection between the way our ancestors nourished their bodies, nurtured the earth, and developed their spiritual selves as part of a communal tribe. A synergistic way of living with access to raw, unmanipulated ingredients alongside a strong focus on meditation, ceremony, and self-awareness.

Cell Squared exists to exemplify the shift the founders wish to see in the natural health movement, returning to the foundational principals that humans require to thrive.

As their own wellness journey evolved, they discovered that many 'healthy' items on the shelves were in fact still riddled with sugars, chemicals, heavy metals and preservatives. It was then that they began to seek out only the purest, unmodified health staples for themselves.

Conscious & Regenerative Agriculture

Acutely aware of their obligations to nurture the terrain that sustains us, Wade & Lauren are committed to conscious agricultural practices. In 2020, they decided to source what was largely considered wasted animal by-products & turn them into premium quality nutrient dense supplements so their community could access them anywhere in Australia. Eating organ meats has been a catalyst in their own healing journey and they have made it their mission to drive the resurgence of these forgotten superfood's popularity. Every farm they partner with has a strong focus on high quality, free roaming, 100% grass-fed & finished, Australian Certified Organic (ACO) cattle. They share their passion for naturally regenerative farming practices, prioritising animal welfare and ecological balance.


Cell Squared place a strong focus on the sourcing of their products. Making local & global health staples accessible to those outside their places of origin is just as important to Cell Squared as ensuring that they are ethically sourced. They place a strong focus on the sourcing of our products. 

The smallest choices ripple across multiple platforms, and it's up to us make that impact a positive one. Encouraging conscious consumption benefits everyone, from the local consumer to the global community. Cell Squared choose to collaborate with small scale cooperatives both in Australia and around the world who share their passion for purity, responsibility, and conscious living. Each of their partners are actively involved in projects that better their communities and environment, with Cell Squared working towards our own social initiatives in the future. Cell Squared meticulously research each product, seeking out only the best sources that they would use themselves, with an emphasis on testing, traceability and premium quality.

"Our personal mission is now to drive the resurgence of organ meats and to connect as many people as possible with the nutritional benefits of these original superfoods."


"We select only the highest quality ingredients for our range, with each product undergoing vigorous scrutiny. Each Cell Squared product is 100% natural, with many products being Australian Certified Organic and undergoing independent testing. Our promise is that you will never find any fillers, GMO's, flow agents, preservatives, colourings, or artificial additives in our products."


"Exceptional sourcing is at the heart of what we do and the passion that began our journey as Cell Squared. We source only the purest ingredients available, which means going straight to the source, either here in Australia or from the ingredient's traditional country of origin. We choose to partner with likeminded suppliers that share our passion for conscious living, with many of our producers using traditional production methods."

"Activate the best version of yourself with Cell Squared."