Cell Squared | Certified Organic Beef Liver Powder | Grass Fed & Finished | 180g

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100% ACO Certified Organic Australian Grass-Fed & Finished Bovine Liver (Freeze Dried)

Traditionally prized by our ancestors & regarded as ‘Nature’s Multivitamin’, offering wholefood nutritional support for:
Healthy immune function
Energy, endurance & recovery
Healthy hair, skin & vision
Improved mind clarity & brain fog
Gut & digestive system health
Bone health & mineral density
Repairing damaged muscle tissue
Muscle growth &development
Overall wellbeing

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Product Information:

Cell Squared offers ancestral health staples for holistic modern living.

Beef liver is known as the most nutrient dense food on the planet! Give your meals a nutritional edge with the ultimate kitchen staple. Cell Squared has created a premium 100% grass-fed, freeze-dried beef liver powder which is the only fully ACO certified organic liver powder on the market.


Features –

Has a mild flavour, that is easily disguised when added into meals, and even smoothies! The perfect way to sneak some extra nutrients into recipes.

Premium quality Grass-fed Organic Beef Liver is sourced from the remote grasslands of Australia. 100% natural with nothing else added, simply vitamins & minerals in their most bio-available form.

·       ACO certified organic liver powder

·       100% grass fed AND grass finished

·       Independently tested & verified

·       Lab tested/proven nutritional content

·       Free of GMO's, fillers, & flow agents

·       Regeneratively farmed 

·       Non-defatted

·       Australian sourced, made & owned



Premium quality certified organic grass-fed & finished beef liver, freeze dried to lock in all nutrients so the community can access at any time. Beef Liver powder is a rich source of Vitamin B12 & Vitamin A, plus contains other essential B vitamins. All of which play a role in supporting energy levels, recovery, hair, skin, vison, mind clarity, immune function & overall well being.


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100% ACO Certified Organic Australian Grass-Fed & Finished Bovine Liver (Freeze Dried)
Directions – Take 1 teaspoon (3g) of liver powder, add to recipes, or sprinkle on top of your favourite meals. Some meal ideas include adding to scrambled eggs, mince, rissoles, stir fry, stews, soup, marinate or seasoning. Can also be added to certain smoothie recipes depending on your personal taste preferences. If you are new to consuming nutrient dense liver, suggest starting with lower amounts, then increasing up to recommended 1 teaspoon or as desired. This product is intended as a nutritional supplement to support a healthy diet, protein intake, recovery & quality sleep. How long will it take to see a results? As each person has individual nutritional baselines, goals & nutrient targets, it is difficult to give an exact timeline. Some people notice a difference within a few weeks, some a couple of months or longer. With all supplementations, it can take time to replenish depleted nutrient levels & build a strong foundation. Like all routines, practice & discipline returns the greatest rewards.