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Having a mild flavour, that is easily disguised when added to meals or even smoothies, makes it perfect for sneaking some extra nutrients into your meals.
Our beef organs are organically sourced from the remote grasslands of Australia. 100% natural with nothing else added, simply vitamins & minerals in their most bio-available form.
• ACO certified organic organ powders
• 100% grass fed AND grass finished
• Independently tested & verified
• Lab tested/proven nutritional content
• Free of GMO's, fillers, & flow agents
• Regeneratively farmed
• Non-defatted
• Australian sourced, made & owned

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Product Information:

Cell Squared offers ancestral health staples for holistic modern living.

Cultures throughout history have praised the amazing health benefits of eating organs. This unique formulation of 100% grass-fed beef liver, heart, lung & spleen powder provides real 'nose to tail' nourishment, being a great source of bioavailable Heme Iron, Vitamin A, & essential B Vitamins. The only 100% ACO certified organic beef organs powder on the market.


Benefits –

A staple in our early ancestor’s diets, traditionally known as the ‘ultimate superfoods'. Offering wholefood nutritional support for:

·       All-rounder 'nose to tail' nourishment 

·       Organ specific proteins, peptides & enzymes 

·       'Like supports like' organ support

·       Improved Iron levels & energy production

·       Immune system & healthy metabolism 

·       Overall wellbeing

·       Foundational muscle growth & development

·       Bone health & strength

·       Converting food into energy


READ all about Cell Squared - A Company With Integrity & Transparency - HERE

100% ACO Certified Australian Grass-Fed Bovine Liver, Heart, Lung, & Spleen (Freeze Dried)
Directions – Take 1 teaspoon (3g) of organs powder, add to recipes, or sprinkle on top of your favourite meals. Some cooking ideas included adding to scrambled eggs, mince, rissoles, stir fry, stews, soup, marinate or seasoning. Can also be added to certain smoothie recipes depending on your personal taste preferences. If you are new to consuming nutrient dense organs, suggest starting with lower amounts, then increasing up to recommended 1 teaspoon, or as desired.