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Naked Jerkey Australia Beef Jerky is Certified Organic, Grass-fed & Finished Australian Beef
  • High Protein & Low Carb
  • Gluten, dairy & preservative free
  • Ultra Slow Air Dried
Spicy Flavour
Also Available In Original

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Product Information:

At last a healthy Biltong with a big flavour kick!

Australian Jerky Biltong handcrafted in small batches using Certified Organic, Grass-fed & Finished Australian Beef.

Ultra slow air dried Jerky-Biltong

Our small batch, slow, air-drying process results in tender, juicy Jerky for the perfect amount of chewiness with a slightly softer bite

High protein Low carb

Super high protein on-the-go snack for post-gym or at work, oh and the little ones love it! With its low carb & sugar content is it perfect for those on a keto or paleo-based diet.

Gluten, dairy & preservative free!

It can be difficult living with a food allergy, intolerance, or specific dietary requirement – our tasty range is free from gluten, dairy & preservatives for maximum peace of mind & Jerky enjoyment!

Pure, healthy fats beat cravings

Our grass-fed and finished beef ensures the healthy fats in our Jerky are lean, pure & nutrient-dense – ensuring that you beat cravings to stay satisfied & satiated for longer!

Sustainable, regenerative practices

Naked Jerke's 100% Organic Beef is raised and finished only on the rich grasslands and pastures of Australia. From start to finish, their farming practices are carefully monitored to deliver a product packed with vital nutrients – our healthier meat means you and your family are healthier!

Nutrient Dense Beef Jerky-Biltong

Naked Jerkey's nutrient dense Jerky-Biltong has such a tasty beefy flavour with higher levels of Omega 3 fatty acids – this is because our Australian beef is 100% Certified Organic, grass fed and finished! They source our beef from sustainable & Certified Organic farms only for an on-the-go staple you can trust.