Vidafy - Global Wellness - Meet The Brand

Vidafy finds its start in 2016 in Mexico while the founders, Shane and Laura Brady, were living there. They wanted to create something that would empower others to take a path towards health and wellness

Vidafy derives its name from the word “vida”, which means life, and “fy”, which means to convert.

Vidafy takes all the best elements from ancient tradition, modern science, and the gifts of nature to bring you benefits you won’t find in other products. When ancient wisdom from past generations is combined with modern science, the end result is a product that can help the human body function at its highest capacity. This fusion of worldwide cultural tradition and patented biotechnological innovation allows VIDAFY to maximise all the benefits of our 100% natural ingredients.

Our technology is changing lives and helping people with chronic inflammation experience:

  • better sleep
  • more energy
  • more mental clarity
  • less pain and discomfort


From thousands of years of traditional use of herbs, plants, seeds, leaves, roots, and more, we gain a virtual “health encyclopedia” of invaluable knowledge for our wellness.

Vidafy respect and honour traditions; it's part of their DNA and who they are. Vidafy
are committed to always consulting human experience when selecting natural ingredients to provide the best possible benefits for general wellbeing.


Scientific research has brought many important advances to our lives; because of this, Vidafy integrates innovative biotechnology when developing and manufacturing their products to maximise their benefits.

Their patented German nanotechnology, BioMS®, guarantees bioavailability and optimal absorption of substances, making Vidafy products the most potent version of each ingredient.


“We stand in awe of the amazing powers of all that nature has to offer. We strive to identify ingredients from around that world that our bodies need most. When formulated and used appropriately, we can receive the regeneration, cleansing, and nutrition we need.”

BioMS technology has revolutionised the supplement industry by making possible unparalleled lipid absorption through the application of patented biotechnologies.

  1. Powerful metabolites from all natural ingredients.
  2. Patented nanotech processes that ensure cellular absorptions.
  3. Patented biotech processes to form micelles which allow for immediate uptake of oily metabolites into the bloodstream.

Nanotechnology is the study and creation of incredibly small sized materials, generally between 1 and 100 nanometers. To put it into perspective, a single strand of hair is about 100,000 nanometers thick. For cellular penetration, a molecule must be smaller than 100 nm. Our micelles are 30 nm in size.

Micellization is a clever disguise that improves absorption.

For our organisms to absorb curcumin, that substance must first be reduced to nanometric size. Once reduced, it needs a nano transporter or “nanocarrier”, which must have a specific characteristic called amphiphilic, meaning that it is soluble in water as well as oils. The only nanocarrier that has both of these characteristics is the micelle.

Micellization is a disguise that is put on the curcumin’s nanoparticles.

If you buy turmeric in powder or capsule form and try to dissolve it in water, when trying to mix it you will notice that this isn’t possible because the phytonutrients of turmeric (curcumin, for example) are fatty substances; this prevents them from dissolving in water and being absorbed at a cellular level.

Our bodies are miraculous in their natural functions. To overcome the water-lipid absorption barrier, our bodies surround the fatty curcumin particle with water soluble molecules to form a micelle structure. This nano-sized “carrier” then transports the curcumin into the bloodstream and on to the cell. But in our bodies, this process takes over 8 hours and as a result over 90% of the curcumin is lost. With BioMS Technology, we create the same micelle nanocarriers ahead of time so that when you take our product, you are guaranteed nearly complete absorption.

Scientific Support

At Vidafy we believe in offering scientifically proven products for real life results. Together with our partner laboratory in Germany, we have done multiple published studies and received patent approvals that back up the quality of our formula by working together with various universities and scientific institutions in their nanotechnology research.

  • 2006 FROST AND SULLIVAN Award for development of micelles with nanotechnology.
  • Our partner laboratory works closely with Hohenheim University in Germany with ties to UCLA in California as a part of its scientific network.
  • Our BioMS products are produced with GMP certification TOV PROF/ CERT GMP & ISO 900
  • Our BioMS products are produced in Germany with Kosher and Halal certification
  • The technology we use in developing our BioMS products is based on German nanotechnology protected by multiple international patents:
  • International application PCT/EP2013/001427
  • Utility model protection Germany
  • 20 2012 012130 8
  • International proprietary emulsifier system
  • EP 10 785 350 9

The Hidden Secret

Not all ingredients from supplements are absorbed by our bodies. This important fact has been suppressed by our industry for many years, and it is the principal motive for much of the general criticism by doctors and scientists about food supplements. To be more precise, the supplement industry has hidden the fact that what a person ingests as a supplement doesn’t always have the advertised effect due to its poor absorption in the bloodstream. At Vidafy, we took this issue head-on and focused on discovering a solution which allows us for the first time to convert oil-based nutrients into a substance that is soluble in water. This was made possible by combining powerful metabolites with innovative nanotechnology in the form of solubilized micelles. We call our patented processes BioMS® Technology.

Vidafy Nanofy and Curcumin Plus are the world's first low cost, natural anti-inflammatory with BioMS Technology. With our patented nanotech delivery we can achieve bioavailability of curcumin up to 277x greater than native turmeric which is traceable in the blood for 24 hours. This will revolutionise the health and wellness industry with regards to inflammation reduction, faster recovery, improved sleep, more energy and better mental clarity. Specifically, we have seen phenomenal results with pain reduction and injury management with the simple addition of these drops to the diet. A medical colleague in the USA has given our technology to 1000 patients with remarkable results including changes in blood works.